Before and After: Exteriors

Exterior Painting and Decorating: Before and After

As all of us are most likely to be aware, the world we live in is significantly different to how it usually is due to newly discovered virus, COVID-19, which has recently spread across the globe and caused a pandemic.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many countries across the globe have had to place their entire nation or specific regions on strict lockdown. This includes the United Kingdom, which has declared a national state of emergency. Countries across the globe who have had to lock down their entire nations or specific regions include Italy, Spain, the United States, Germany, China, France, and more.

To summarise what the newly discovered virus and the effects that have to you; it is a strain of a group of diseases called coronaviruses. The COVID-19 strain of coronaviruses is a pneumonia-like disease that attacks the lungs and is potentially fatal. COVID-19 is much more deadly for people with underlying health issues and are vulnerable, such as the elderly community. The main known symptoms of COVID-19 are a fever, a dry, continuous cough, and shortness of breath. Symptoms such as a loss of taste and smell and delirium have been reported, however, these symptoms are less common.

If you are currently experiencing any of the main symptoms, then it is of high importance that you remain indoors for seven days, fourteen if you live with people, or longer than these periods if the symptoms persist. This also applies to anybody who lives inside the same household as you. These strict guidelines have been put in place by the government to prevent the further spread of COVID-19, to save many lives, and to prevent the national health service from being overwhelmed beyond control.

This may seem intimidating, and you may worry for your friends and family, we must all stay reassured that the United Kingdom’s incredible NHS are consistently working and giving their all to ensure that the people of the nation our healthy. By abiding to government advice and restrictions, we will get through this national health crisis much quicker and stronger together.

What does this mean for Church Stewart?

One of the most important and significant government restrictions is the practice of social distancing. Social distancing is a practice where you and another person outside of your household must stay a minimum of 2m away from each other at all times. Due to this, Church Stewart are currently unable to provide interior painting and decorating services until further notice.

It is possible on the other hand for us to continue with all of our fantastic exterior services for both domestic and commercial customers. With exterior services, it is simple for social distancing to be practised and our expert team of painters and decorators in Bristol are cautious to follow these procedures to keep each other and our customers safe. To ensure our customers and staff are safe, we also carry full PPE equipment and our vans are fully stocked with disinfectants. At Church Stewart, health and safety is always of paramount importance, even during times when we are not on lockdown.

Our Exterior Work

As we can only currently offer exterior services, we have carefully selected some of our finest exterior work in the past below and displayed the before and after images.

Bath stone is a commonly used material for homes in the United Kingdom and very frequently in Bristol. Many older homes use this material, and due to age, the material can become scaly and look aesthetically displeasing. Church Stewart can restore the design in a colour of your choice by stripping, stabilising, dressing, and filling the material with specialist resin fillers to create a uniform weather tight finish. Failed bath stone is a common problem and can look unattractive on homes. If you’re tired of looking at worn bath stone on your property, then get in touch with Church Stewart today to arrange for service.

The image above shows a semi-detached property before our services. Many semi-detached properties in the UK, like the one above, were constructed in the 1930s. Up to 90 years later, these properties are likely to have experienced weathering, meaning the properties will lose their aesthetic greatness. Church Stewart restored the aesthetic greatness on the 1930’s semi-detached property above, providing it with a slick modern coat. Constantly looking at your home whilst its aesthetics deteriorate can be frustrating, so why not add a new coat in any colour you choose to improve your opinion of your property.

If your property is weathering and your neighbours have recently had exterior painting and decorating work, it could leave your property looking worse off than original. The image above shows a before and after of a detached property that we refurbished to keep the street looking alive. With a stunning sky blue finish, the property now looks better than ever before! Bristol has a reputation for its colourful homes lighting up the skylines. If you live in one of these famous homes in Bristol or wish to live up to Bristol’s reputation, then why not reinvent your home with a new stunning colourful finish?

Blue may be coming in for Gray for interior design, however, for exteriors, it is a completely different story. Grey is still a fantastic colour for exteriors, which is clearly displayed in the example of the above. It is also a very basic shade with a lot of diversity, so whichever shade you choose is entirely down to your personal preference. Grey is also a fantastic coating for render and masonry.

Exterior Painting and Decorating Bristol

Church Stewart offers stunning exterior painting and decorating services in Bristol and surrounding areas in South West. Our expert decorators have successfully and efficiently provided stunning painting and decorating to domestic and commercial properties such as homes, offices, shops, restaurants, and many other property types! If you’re looking to reimagine the appearance of your home with the new stunning exterior design, choose Church Stewart for expert exterior painting and decorating in Bristol. We offer an extensive range of exterior services including sash window decorating, render and masonry decorating, shop refit decorating, UPVC spraying and cladding coatings.

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