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Here at Church Stewart, we are able to offer a full 360, start to finish decorating solution for any project.  We are renowned specialists in providing high quality commercial painting and decorating services in Bristol, Church Stewart always ensure to exceed our client’s expectations, requirements and meet any set deadlines on time.  Our service offers you flexibility and minimal disruption for you, your business and your employees.  We are also able to operate outside of normal working hours where practical and required to do so.

We can paint and decorate a variety of commercial properties such as offices, warehouses, pubs, restaurants, theatres, hotels, shops & shopping centres.

Expert Commercial Office Painting and Decorating 

Through our multiple years of actively painting and decorating in Bristol, we have renovated a multitude of offices of all different business types and purposes, providing us with an unmatchable level of skill and experience. It’s hard for any employee to be fully motivated in an older or dull-looking office. By providing us with your business’s colour scheme, branding, message, and whatever else your company uses for branding, we can offer you a spectrum of techniques to renovate the appearance of your offices. Be it a more traditional office design or a modern office design, we can add that touch to express your brand’s message as efficiently as possible, and additionally to this, we can inject your companies house-styles on featured walls and doors to make your office a touch more personal. 

If you require assistance making decisions for your office’s appearance, do not hesitate to contact our expert team for advice and suggestions. At Church Stewart, we understand the importance of working around business demands, which is why we are available to provide our service outside of opening hours or we can take a systematic approach by working in specific areas of the building at a time.

Pub Painting and Decorating 

Going to pubs in the United Kingdom is a much-loved tradition. It allows us to drink, socialise with friends, eat traditional food, meet new people, and much more! Everybody has there favourite pub and it’s very unlikely that you’ll ever visit a town in the United Kingdom without at least one pub, meaning there is a lot of competition.

One highly effective way of standing out from your competitors is to have incredible interior and exterior aesthetics. Here at Church Stewart, we can offer you a complete painting and decorating service in Bristol for your pub to impress your consistent flow of customers. Pubs owners thrive to build a loyal selection of customers to enjoy their public space and have an excellent reputation in their town, or even city.

By renovating your pub with aesthetically pleasing painting and decoration, you can build an excellent and memorable reputation for your pub. Contact us today for more information about painting 


Why redecorate your workplace?

Decorating your work environment with your company’s colours and branding is one of the most effective strategies for customer retention, especially when your business consistently has visitors or new customers.

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