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Period and heritage buildings are generally delicate and any decorative work requires an immense amount of planning, skill and specific techniques. At Church Stewart, we pride ourselves as period and heritage building decorative specialists.

Painting and Decorating when many period and heritage properties were constructed was different to what it is today, therefore, the processes used were very likely much different to what they are today. This is due to the technology, knowledge, and equipment that was available at the time. Church Stewart take in to close considerstion the past procedures of decoration to ensure that period and heritage properties are decorated immaculatley, leaving an aesthetically superior finish with no damage to the property. With Church Stewarts expertees and skill, we can provide a finish that goes above and beyond expectations. When choosing Church Stewart, you can rest assured that your property will be aesthetically improved to suit your design preferences.

We reside in an area that plays host to thousands of beautiful Victorian and Georgian properties.  Church Stewart decorative specialists have perfected the art of restoring features that are commonly found in properties of such eras including aunate ceiling roses and decorative coving.  Picture rails, dado rails and sash window casements.  As Well as the obvious period features, Church Stewart are also experienced in dealing with lath and plaster walls and ceilings which are usually problematic due there unstable nature.

Our dustless approach to decorating reduces and manages the risks involved and associated with period decorating including Asbestos and Lead Based Paints. We also are fully aware that period and heritage surfaces can be more delicate than regular modern surfaces, which is why we take in to consideration our methods and prepare with close attention to detail. For more information on our relability, call our expert team of painters and decoraters in Bristol today.

If you currently own a period or heritage building, get in touch with Church Stewart for a free no obligation quotation and advice.

Expert Period & Heritage Decorating Services Bristol

Like with pretty much anything, as it becomes older, it will encounter wear and tear and loss of efficiency, which is certainly the case with period and heritage buildings. Failing to maintain period decorative features can result in fairly costly repair and replacement bills.  Decorating items such as sash windows and cast iron rainwater gutters, you can prevent decay setting in and prolong the life for up to an additional 8yrs before requiring the need to redecorate.

If you require assistance making decisions for your heritage or period property colour scheme, or advice on what products are best suited towards period and heritage homes do not hesitate to contact our expert team for help, and suggestions. 

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