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Spray Decorating Specialists Bristol

Looking to repaint your domestic or commercial property in a short timescale at a higher quality? At Church Stewart, we specialise in spray decorating, which is a highly cost-effective solution to refurbishing both domestic homes and commercial properties 

The finish that is achieved from spraying is not comparable to brushing and rolling.  It is far superior.  It completely eliminates brush and tram lines, picture framing, paint flashing and opacity issues. Our interior spraying services can leave surfaces in your home looking clean, smooth, and aesthetically satisfying. Spray decorating does not have  the layering risks that interior spraying has.

Church Stewart are trained to spray full houses and commercial properties to finish, this includes and means that not only do we mist coat new plaster with spray technology.  We can finish all surfaces including Ceiling, Walls, Woodwork such as Skirting Boards, Architraves & Doors, Stair Cases, Spindles, & Window casements to a high quality, factory like  finish in a fraction of the time of traditional painting methods.

Spray Painting Bristol

Spray decorating is one of our most important services here at Church Stewart. It is fast, effective, and an efficient way to paint a property, and on average, is around four times faster than traditional painting techniques. This means you can expect less downtime and impact from any painting and decorating work your domestic or commercial property requires. Despite the short timescale, spray painting produces a glamorous and high-quality finish that simply would not be able to be achieved with more traditional methods. Spray painting can also be completed with a variety of different paint types and colours. Some of the paint types we use for spray painting include wall & ceiling emulsions, eggshell, satinwood and glosses, eco coat paint, protective coat, hygienic coat, two-pack floor paints, and various varnishes.

At Church Stewart, we are fully aware of the importance of working around different types of businesses and their demands, which is why we are able to provide our service around opening hours, or alternatively take a systematic approach by working in specific areas of the building at a time when it is convenient. If you are interested in spray painting for your property, get in touch with us today!

Our spray painting and decorating services are available to both domestic and commercial customers in the Bristol area. By informing our team of your requirements and preferences with your property, we can arrange for your interior spray painting service to take place based on mutual availability. Our service is flexible and tailored to your preferences and property specifications. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert advice regarding our incredible spray decorating services avaible in Bristol and surrounding areas. Our expert team can also provide advice from your knowledge to provide your with a service that will leave you feeling anything but negative.

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