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Expert Exterior Painting and Decorating Services In Bristol

Church Stewart provide a magnificent variety of expert painting and decorating services across the Bristol area for domestic and commercial properties. Our expert team can paint or decorate the interior and exterior of your property to aesthetic perfection, based on your requirements and style preferences.

For several years, we have exceeded our customer’s expectations with our aesthetically magnificent designs. Our attention to each individual detail and passion for design is what keeps us above our competitors across Bristol. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote today for the design service you require for your domestic or commercial property!

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Sash Windows Decorating

Due to weathering, the paint on sash windows can eventually peel off or scratch, this is especially common for sash windows on older/heritage properties. With enough wear to the sash windows, it can lead to the sash windows looking highly aesthetically displeasing. Without coating, sash windows can also become damaged beyond repair. Church Stewart can successfully decorate your sash windows and protect them from weathering and unattractive paint damage.

Church Stewart can decorate you sash windows in a variety of colours to restore the condition. Call today to enquire about our sash window decorating services.

Render and Masonry Decorating

Paint on render or masonry can eventually wear due to weathering or damage, which can cause walls to look in bad condition and aesthetically displeasing. Church Stewart can efficiently decorate render and masonry structures in Bristol, be it walls of your home or walls that are your property. Our render and masonry decorating if you wish to restore your properties appearance or simply wish to change the colour or design of your property. 

Masonry decorating can be completed successfully in a multitude of different colours to suit the exterior of your property. Call today with the specifications of your properties render and masonry to book a service.

Shop Fascia Decorating 

Nobody wants to enter a store with a paint peeling from their fascia! Church Stewart can restore the glamorous appearance of your shop fascia so your store looks more than appealing on the high street. Our team at Church Stewart can also transform the appearance of your fascia with a stunning new colour or design, fitted with your company’s logo and branding. Call today to enquire!

Like your products, the front of your store is going to need updating to appear attractive to the public. Church Stewart can efficiently decorate your shop front to be attractive on the high street to your customers and potential customers.

Cladding and Industrial Services

Cladding can produce incredible aesthetics for all types of buildings when completed by experts, be it commercial or domestic. Church Stewart provide incredible cladding in Bristol for all types of properties in addition to a range of industrial services. If you have in mind a specific style of cladding or wish to find out more about our industrial services, get in touch with our expert team today!

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