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Cladding is the exterior cloak that prevents weather ingress on many industrial warehouses, workshops & storage facilities up and down the UK and across Europe.  Over time factory finishes diminish and lose their integrity and start to fail. 

Church Stewart are specialists in the application of exterior spray coatings specifically designed for use on industrial cladding which offer up to 15 years worth of protection, are colour and UV resistant, contain fungicides that prevent mold and algae growth and most importantly repel water.

Whilst industrial cladding spray coatings are a great way to protect your investment, it also drastically transforms the aesthetics of generally older, untidy looking business premises.   Using a clever pallet of colours, tieing in brand colour schemes on corners or sections of the building can really bring your business place to life.

Our expert team are on hand to provide support and design ideas for all Industrial Cladding clients.

Wood Cladding Protection

As Well as the obvious weather elements wood needs protection from, building regs sometimes require that timber cladded properties neighbouring other properties will require an intumescent coating to prevent fire from spreading from one building to the next in the worst case scenario.

Church Stewart are approved to apply such specialist coatings via spraying to achieve an even distribution of the material.  We use the correct tip size in our sprayers which ensures the correct amount of paint is flowing through the orifice and on to the cladding requiring protection. Traditional brush and roller techniques have a tendency to leave an uneven and inadequate level of protection and may fail testing.

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