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How & Why?

Expert UPVC Spraying Services Bristol

Spraying UPVC Windows, Doors & Conservatories can remove the need to replace expensive units in their entirety.  The most common reason people replace UPVC windows and doors is for aesthetic reasons.  At worst misted panes can be removed and replaced prior to our work starting.

Church Stewart are able to restore your UPVC items back to their former glory or completely change the colour totally.  We are trained in the application of leading coatings specifically designed to adhere to UPVC surfaces that leave a long lasting, durable UV resistant finish.

A common misconception is plastics cannot be painted.  This is not true.  The products we use have an excellent adhesion rate and are specifically designed to be flexible as UPVC expands and contracts through out the day.

Our UPVC spraying services are available for domestic and commercial properties.  Church Stewart are also able to spray interior UPVC as well as exteriors.   Call or inquire today for more information.

Skills & Techniques

UPVC Spraying Process

Church Stewart’s trained team of UPVC window sprayers will carry out a set process which will include removing the old silicone between the frames and the render, silicone is not over paint able.

  •  Several specialist cleaning processes will be carried out which will remove contaminates from the  surface of the UPVC.
  • Once this initial preparation is complete the window will be lightly abraded to create key.
  • Items not to be sprayed will be carefully masked up to protect them.
  • A final clean over using a silicone remover and panel wipe.  The windows are now ready to be sprayed!
  • The windows will receive x3 coats of paint to ensure full opacity is reached and that a good level of durability is achieved.
  • Masking tape and paper masking will be removed to reveal crisp sharp lines and freshly sprayed items.
  • Silicone is replaced using colour matched silicone to match the colour choice of the UPVC items that have been sprayed.  This process also ensures freshly refurbished UPVC is weather tight.

We are proud to use HMG products as our go to for UPVC paint coatings. HMG PVC 17 is a A 1K Vinyl Acrylic with exceptional flexibility and adhesion. HMG PVC 17 is suitable for coating most PVCu, hard plastics (not GRP) and powder-coated surfaces (architectural cladding)

UPVC Spraying
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