Interior Design Trends of 2020

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Interior Design Trends of 2020

Year in year out we are part of or are aware of different trends that flood the world or different countries. In definition, a trend is when something is developing or changing, meaning something is becoming more popular or more used. Trends could literally be anything, including clothing, products, or an action such as visiting a certain place because of a trend. One of the most significant trends in the past decade was the selfie stick, which rose to popularity during 2015. A selfie stick is a long device which your phone attaches two, allowing you to take ‘selfies’ from an extended distance. Trends in design are constantly changing and could be the design of anything, including clothing, footwear, and more. In this blog, we have found different trends for interior design in this new decade. 

Tranquil Dawn

What is that you ask? Tranquil Dawn is the name of the colour that won Dulux Colour of the Year 2020, and what you wouldn’t have thought, is a shade of green! The colour itself is pretty much as soft and neutral as green can get, however, it is still incredibly stylish and will easily match a multitude of other colours and furniture. Not only is it just a colour, it also has a story behind it. The colour is all about ‘the nations’ mood on the approach to the new decade’ and ‘how we feel about living in a world so technologically advanced we are starting to feel disconnected from one another’. In 2020, we can expect a lot more households to request this colour and to see many more homes purchase this colour. Its dullness is what makes it look so unique and bring the best out of other furniture, then creating stunning interior aesthetics.

Less Grey, More Blue

Something that we would have never expected, but it appears that in the new year the love and reliability of grey is being pushed out by blue! Instead of creating stunning rooms with grey walls and furniture of different shades of grey, people across the globe are painting their walls shades of blue with lighter and darker blue furniture. It may not sound appealing, but when seeing blue interior design, you’d actually be very shocked! If we were to recommend a colour for walls in your home, we would highly recommend Classic Blue by Pantone. Its simplicity and elegance bring an uplifting atmosphere, additionally to going with all different types of furniture and other shades of Blue. If you’re looking to redecorate your home in 2020 and create a simple yet unique design, we would highly recommend decorating using the colour Blue. 

Traditional Wallpaper and Modern Furniture

Most interior design tends to be modern or class, it’s rare that you’d see a combination between the two, however, in 2020 experts predict that having traditional wallpaper with modern furniture will become a trend. This trend specifically includes Chintz wallpaper, which is a traditional pattern on top of a white background. This may seem strange, however, it actually looks unique and very aesthetically pleasing, If you’re looking to reimagine your home with unique interior design, why not blend traditional wallpaper with modern furniture? This will create a quirky, colourful and incredible appearance in your home. 

Pink! Pink! Pink!

Yes, pink is coming back into fashion! Although the last time you may have wanted to redecorate your room you were probably 11, but after a short while of them being associated with young teenagers and kids bedrooms, pink is back and better than ever! When we say pink though, you may be disappointed if you think we’re talking about striking hot pink. We’re talking about stunning blush-toned and pale coloured shades of pink. These can create a more sophisticated atmosphere and give you the ability to combine the pinks with other colour furniture such as light greys or blues. Pink will also make the room look simpler and bring the very best out of your other furniture. If we had to recommend a room to have painted in pink, we would highly recommend your bedroom as pale pink has connotations of cosiness and positivity. 

Concrete Bathrooms

In 2019, it was all about creating spa-like bathrooms, however in 2020, its something much simpler, yet in our opinion, much more stylish. This is tough and functional looking concrete walls and floors, which can be achieved with micro concrete. Micro concrete can be applied over current walls and floors to create a stylish yet unique appearance. Once it has dried and applied smoothly, the concrete is water-resistant and is completely safe to walk on without hurting yourself. To create a bold, unique statement with your bathroom in 2020, we recommend going for a slick, concrete design. 


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