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Church Stewart provide a magnificent variety of expert painting and decorating services across the Bristol area for domestic and commercial properties. Our expert team can paint or decorate the interior and exterior of your property to aesthetic perfection, based on your requirements and style preferences.

For several years, we have exceeded our customer’s expectations with our aesthetically magnificent designs. Our attention to each individual detail and passion for design is what keeps us above our competitors across Bristol. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote today for the design service you require for your domestic or commercial property!

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Dustless Sanding

Over time, your floor, walls, ceilings, and other surfaces in your home can experience wear and tear which require the part in your home to be sanded, Church Stewart provide sanding services in Bristol, however, our sanding services are dustless, meaning your property will not be flooded in dust following our work. With our dustless sanding services, your home can be restored in no time! Find out more or call to enquire our expert team today!

Interior Spraying

Spray painting is a highly quick and efficient way of painting the interior of your domestic or commercial property. With our spray painting services, your property can be efficiently painted in the colour of your choice and at a much faster time than traditional methods. If you wish to enquire regarding our highly efficient spray painting services or what types of paint we offer for spray painting, call our expert team today!

Interior Painting & Decorating

Traditional painting can add a rustic, more classic aesthetic to any room of your home. Just because the method used to paint your domestic or commercial property is done by hand, this does not mean it will be less accurate than other painting methods. Our team always ensure to pay an immense level of attention to detail when it comes to traditional painting. Call today to enquire or find out more!

Floor Sanding and Refinishing

Over time, your floors will experience wear and tear from consistent usage. Church Stewart can effectively sand and refinish your wooden floors back to excellent condition without any damage or dust from the sanded wood. If your wooden floors are looking worse for wear, get in contact with Church Stewart today to bring back their old incredible aesthetics and appearance!

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