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Dustless Floor Sanding Bristol

Sanding is eventually required on most surfaces such as walls, floors, ceilings, skirting boards and more in your property as time goes on, however, many property owners find that sanding can cause a build-up of dust in other areas of the home or property once the sanding process has been completed. Here at Church Stewart, we use the latest spec equipment which extracts the dust up through mesh net sanding abrasives and into the extractor.  The extractor runs through a HEPA filter, so is not emitting harmless dustless particles into the property or atmosphere.

Dust-Free Sanding Bristol

Besides the dust free element to our sanding approach, you can expect to achieve far superior results using the specialist dust free sanding equipment that are proud to have at Church Stewart.  Because of it’s dust less nature, the mesh sanding  abrasive discs do not over heat and clog up, sanding is even and the substrate will be left smoother than alternative non dustless sanding setups.

Our dustless sanding in Bristol is available for both domestic and commercial properties of any scale. If your property requires any of its surfaces to be fully refinished, get in touch with our expert team at Church Stewart today! By informing us of your surface specifications, we can provide a quote and arrange for the dustless sanding process to take place as soon as possible. Call our expert team today for a quote or for more information regarding dustless sanding.

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