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Are you looking for a high quality finish for your domestic property or commercial premises? Here at Church Stewart, we have the perfect solution for your needs. We specialise in interior spray painting. Interior spraying is a much quicker way of painting the interior of any property domestic or commercial. Our expert team of sprayers at Church Stewart have worked on a multitude of different spraying projects and have the experience to deliver high end result, everytime.

Spray painting is also a fantastic way of ensuring that your interior surfaces are left with a smooth and consistent finish. Our state of the art spray painting technology can ensure that all spraying jobs are completed with maximum efficiency, leaving an impressive finish. Interior spraying is also available in a multiple different colours and is entirely down to your preference what colour you wish your surfaces to be painted. Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice on what colour is best suited to you for interior spraying.

What Can We Spray?

Church Stewart are proud to be able to spray practically any surface you would expect to find in any home or premises.  Mist coating is a common job type request that we receive.  We can spray large expanses of space, quickly and effectively.

Interior spraying in available for both domestic and commercial properties of any scale. As interior spraying is a fast process, it is ideal for larger properties with various different surfaces that require painting. This does not mean we cannot complete spray painting on smaller properties. Interior spraying is a fantastic way to decorate your home accuratley, with a smooth and aesthetically satisfying finish.

Ceilings & Walls can be finished in the same colours that we use for our traditional painting methods.  The results are flawless.  Smooth, sharp line, full depth finishes can be expected. Church Stewart are also capable of finishing all work, including work with height restrictions. Before starting any job, we analyse the property to understand any risks and best practice to delivering a service that is second to none.

Woodwork, including Skirting Boards, Doors, Architraves, Stair Cases, Spindles and Newel posts can also be finished using our interior spraying equipment.  The finishes would be best described as a factory like finish. Our team can provide you with examples of finishes in different environments upon request.

Interior Spraying is available for all commercial and domestic properties in the Bristol area of all scale. By informing us of your requirements, including colour, property specifications, scale, and more, we can arrange for your property to be sprayed to perfection, and leave a clean and smooth finish. Call today for more information or to enquire.

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