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Traditional Painting & Decorating Bristol

Our team of highly skilled Painters & Decorators in Bristol are coherent and update with all traditional and modern decorative techniques.  Although there are many modern techniques to successfully and efficiently paint a property, all of our painters and decorators at Church Stewart are experts at experts are delivering an outstanding methid using traditional methods. This applies to both domestic and commercial properties.

For many years, our team have consistently delivered incredible finishes from traditional methods for both domestic anc commercial clients. With constant development and a range of different property types, our painters and decorators can deliver a fine service to ensure your property is aesthetically superior on the interior. Please do not hesitate to enquire with our team about how our traditional painting is consistently accurate and delivers a superior finish.

Thorough preparation is the key to delivering high class finishes, Church Stewart’s team recognise the important of starting each job with this in mind. We always ensure that your property is protected from spillages and the risk of all damages is kept to a minimum at all times. This is done by close attention to detail and covering all parts of your property that do not require painting.

By choosing Church Stewart, you are choosing to receive an unmatchable level of quality and attention to detail when it comes to Painting & Decorating.

Precise Interior Painting & Decorating Services Bristol

Painting & Decorating is the final key in the process to finishing any property or premises refurbishments.  Choosing the right Painting & Decorating company can be a difficult choice, but rest assured Church Stewart will not disappoint you. We are proud to only use quality trade materials, twinning that with our unmatchable service quality, our work is designed and intended with longevity inmind.

Besides the materials we use, our workmanship and skill is second to none for traditional painting. Our skills are put to the test each day and with this pressure we consistently deliver a service and finish to properties that is above and beyond expectations. Feel free to enquire with our team to see our previous projects or for advice regarding which service you require for painting and decorating.

There are various techniques which can be used with traditional painting for heavily impressive end results.  Some of our favourite examples: Rules of percentages can be applied with a three colour palette, coving and ceiling features picked out in contrasting colours, feature walls where skirting boards, radiators and doors are painted one colour. 

In commercial properties, more techniques can be used for impressive end results. Commercial projects are generally larger than domestic properties, therefore, different techniques have to be used. This does not mean that the quality of the service will be effected. Your entire property will be efficiently decorated with a stunning and accurate finish. Church Stewart are specialists in traditional painting and decorating for both domestic and commerical properties.

An example of a technique that can be used is stencilling. This technique is fantastic for commercial business that are looking to brand their business with internal design. Stencils can add branding to walls, logos to walls, graphics to walls, and brand messages, like the one above “Our Crayons”

This technique is highly popular and effective for businesses, however, stencils can still be used in domestic properties for warm welcoming messages, and inspirational quotes. 

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