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Require decoration for your render or masonry constructed domestic or commercial property in Bristol? Our team at Church Stewart are experts in the design of each construction type and know the required techniques to provide an excellent service with remarkable attention to detail. If you’re looking to touch up, re-colour, or restore the condition of the exterior of your render or masonry constructed property, get in touch with our expert team today who will be able to provide an unrivalled service in Bristol.

Stunning Wall Paper Hanging

The key difference between render and masonry is that render is the decorating coating of walls to give the appearance of one single unit and masonry is made up from many individual units, such as bricks, which are then bound together by mortar. These two construction and decoration types are most common in homes across the United Kingdom.

Sometimes, a change in home design is necessary or important for your comfort at home, or a restoration if the original design has lost quality.

Our expert team who have worked with a multitude of render and masonry constructed properties have the capability of transforming the aesthetics of your property, or simply bringing back its older and better condition.

This also applies to commercial properties, to which aesthetics are incredibly important. If you are looking to drastically improve the appearance of the exterior of your property, contact our expert decorators here at Church Stewart!

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