Should Businesses Invest in Painting and Decorating?

Why Should Businesses Invest in Painting and Decorating?

For almost all businesses in the United Kingdom, 2020 has been a significantly different year to previous years. In 2020, most businesses for a large portion of the year have been forced to close their doors or pause their services. This is all due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has had a devastating impact on the globe. Now in August, the number of cases of COVID-19 in the UK has decreased, and many businesses have no reopened providing their services are carried out with precautions, and do not encourage mass gatherings. 


Business life now is very different. From the start of the pandemic, workers in the UK have been advised to work from home if possible, and this is still the advice that is given now. For many businesses, such as trades businesses, beauty businesses, retail businesses, and more, working at home is not possible, therefore, many new procedures have to take place to ensure the safety of staff and customers. These procedures include marking out social distancing, wearing facemasks, consistent tests, and more.


With the number of cases of COVID-19 decreasing, restrictions will continue to be eased, and by being aware and following guidelines, life will look much more like normal much sooner. Currently, things may still seem unusual, but we are much closer to being back to normality. 

Looking Past COVID-19 For Your Business

At the moment, the only thing to do is follow government guidelines, however, this doesn’t mean that we can’t look ahead. The pandemic and disruption caused by it is a great opportunity to find solutions to do things differently. When people return normally, it is an opportunity to do things differently or make a new impression of your business. Whatever way you choose to do this, is entirely down to what you think would work for your customers. An example of this is restaurants could add new menu items, or clothing stores could increase their stock.

Another way of doing things differently past the pandemic is recreating the aesthetics of your business location. Recreating or improving the aesthetics of your business location has various benefits for both clients and customers. Painting and decorating is an incredible way of doing something new past the COVID-19 pandemic. In this blog, we have covered the various reasons why businesses should consider investing in painting and decorating services for their locations.

It’s Time For Change

Painting and decorating services for your business aren’t cheap, therefore, businesses may shy away from changing the interior design of their property, especially if they invested in painting and decorating in the past. Over time, the design will wear off and become less aesthetically pleasing than it did before. This will become more prominent for staff and customers who regularly visit, and may make a poor impression. If painting and decorating has been completed in the past on the property, it may also make it much easier for painters and decorators, additionally to making the project much simpler. This is as the job may be as simple as restoring the paintwork and sanding rough surfaces. A cleaner and fresher looking property may also make people feel more confident in light of hygiene being so important. 

Stand Out On The High Street

If you own a high-street retail business, you’re surrounded by your competition. Having a poor shop opening is one of the easiest ways to turn away customers or potential customers, however, having good aesthetics from the outside can have the opposite effect and make your store look inviting. Over time, the front of your store will gradually deteriorate aesthetically, so it is important that it is restored consistently. When stores around you also look like their exterior design may be deteriorating, then it may also be a perfect opportunity for you to rise above them by transforming the exterior of your shop front. As previously mentioned, restoring the aesthetics of a business can make the property feel cleaner, which may then make people more confident to step foot in the premises. 

Impress Your Staff

Many offices across the UK still remain closed if staff can work from home. Eventually, staff members will to return to offices and continue life as normal. After a long period of working at home or being furloughed, returning to regular working life in an office will be stressful and unusual. Getting used to working at home for many wasn’t easy, and going back to working with a normal routine will likely be hard too. Refurbishing your office for when staff return is an excellent way of making returning to work easier by impressing the staff returning. This will make returning feel like something new and exciting, rather than returning to an old environment. For those who look forward to returning, it will be more exciting to return to a newer, fresher feeling environment. 

Reinvent Your Business

If pre-lockdown your business wasn’t performing too well, its appearance could have easily contributed to its poor performance. As previously mentioned, poor aesthetics could potentially turn away new or existing customers, therefore, it is highly important to have good aesthetics. Lockdown is a perfect opportunity to let people forget about the past and create something new with new design. This could potentially be for the interior or exterior of the property, whichever you believe needs improving can be improved. Many painting and decorating companies will also be able to support you with finding a design that works for your business.

Painter and Decorator Bristol

Church Stewart offer expert painting and decorating services to domestic and commercial customers across Bristol and the South West. Our specialist work of all scales has exceeded the expectations of our customers all across the region. In the past, we have worked for businesses of all scale, from international companies to local business. For a reliable and highly professional painter and decorator in Bristol, choose Church Stewart. Our team offer an incredible range of services from interiors, exteriors, cladding coatings, floor sanding, UPVC Spraying and more. For more information, get in touch with our team today.

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